Oregon Scenic Byways

Historic Columbia River Highway Scenic Byway.

Oregon has more National Scenic Byways, All-American Roads and State Tour Routes than any other state in the nation. Economic analysis indicates that travelers spend an average of $104 per day along Scenic Byways, which directly benefits rural businesses and workforces. Additionally, one of the significant benefits of federal byway designation is that byways and their communities become eligible for special grant funding opportunities.

Oregon’s Scenic Byways Program is administered by Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and marketed in partnership with Travel Oregon. All regions of Oregon host at least one Scenic Byway or Tour Route. The Oregon Scenic Byways Driving Guide is published and distributed by Travel Oregon and available to visitors. Order your Scenic Byway Guide today!

Byways Information & Resources:

For more information, please contact Sandra Hikari, Program Manager, ODOT (email: sandra.y.hikari@odot.state.or.us direct: 503.986.4261).


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