Phase One Timeline and Process

Timeline and Process

From June 2016 to February 2017, the Oregon Outdoor Recreation Initiative leadership team worked to develop a 15-year vision, critical five-year outcomes, and two-year strategies for expanding access to outdoor recreation and increasing the economic impact and sustainability of Oregon’s outdoor recreation industry.

Travel Oregon shared draft versions of the vision, outcomes, and strategies during five public outreach meetings held statewide in April and May 2017 which brought 431 civic and business leaders, agencies, land managers, conservation groups, and recreational user groups to share their perspectives. Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the Oregon Outdoor Recreation Initiative, discuss their vision for outdoor recreation in Oregon, weigh in on what strategies would be important to them, and network with other stakeholders in the regional outdoor recreation industry.

In addition to the public meetings, Travel Oregon also distributed an online survey that gathered similar information from 188 respondents. The public outreach processes involved many data points, including quantitative voting or ranking processes, and offered many opportunities to provide editorial feedback necessitating additional qualitative analysis. The leadership team then used this information to fine-tune the vision, outcomes and strategies for the Initiative’s nine impacts areas.

The Oregon Outdoor Recreation Initiative Phase One Summary Report is available online here.

Oregon Outdoor Recreation Initiative Phase One Timeline



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