Oregon, Only Slightly Exaggerated Campaign Toolkit

Inspired by the viral success of the Only Slightly Exaggerated campaign last spring, on April 5 & 6, Travel Oregon is launching part two of the animated campaign that gives viewers a creative glimpse of the magical feeling of being in Oregon. The campaign will run through May 31 in our primary and secondary markets of Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Boise, Tri-Cities, Eugene and Bend. The new 1:45 minute video continues a visual narrative, showcasing different locations, experiences and thrilling adventures in Oregon—from venturing deep into the Oregon Caves National Monument to paragliding over the Steens Mountain. Like the original, this new video features a cast of animated human characters, native flora and fauna and a few new fantastical beings, including mystical cloud-people and a sleepy rock-creature, to name a few.

The following assets have been created to help you share the magic of Oregon and to inspire visitors to plan their next adventure.

What YOU can do with the new creative:

1. Share the videos across your marketing channels to encourage travel in and around your region.

2. Take a look at the style guide and the media plans to see where you can leverage Travel Oregon’s placement in key markets.

3. Take advantage of regional content. There will be still images, banner ads, video and copy. Please mention Travel Oregon and link back to https://traveloregon.com/only-slightly-more-exaggerated/ in usage and reach out to kelda@traveloregon.com for assets.

For all video please reach out to Kelda@traveloregon.com and we will get you the regional YouTube link, otherwise please embed the 1:45. Instructions below.

Regional Images:


  • Introduce videos and photos with this copy: “Oregon, Only Slightly Exaggerated”
  • Download the style guide for tips and a look at more assets to come
  • Send your ideas on how to strengthen the impact of this campaign to Kelda@TravelOregon.com

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