The Power of Travel and Tourism

The Power of Oregon’s Travel and Tourism industry is felt throughout the state. The $12.3 billion industry directly generates more than 115,400 jobs in Oregon.

Tourism jobs are crucial for economic growth, especially in rural counties, where tourism is one of the three largest industries. These jobs provide a training ground for Oregon’s future workforce, empowering younger workers to build solid work habits and demonstrate a professional work ethic. These meaningful tourism industry jobs also provide flexibility for seniors, parents, students and other workers. What’s more, tourism jobs provide vibrant career paths for rewarding and fulfilling professions later.

This toolkit provides you with economic impact numbers, videos and media clips to help you speak to the power of travel and tourism in your community and region.

Oregon travel and tourism drives economic growth and creates meaningful jobs. Let’s share the message of how valuable our industry is to the state!

About the Video: Oregon Business Magazine and the Oregon Tourism & Hospitality Consortium worked together to share the stories that convey the vital impact tourism has on businesses and communities across the state.

The Power of Travel and Tourism In Oregon

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