Travel Oregon: The Game Toolkit

Travel Oregon is inviting all adventurers to survive a journey along the Oregon Trail with the launch of “Travel Oregon: The Game,” created as an homage to the classic game many remember from childhood. The Oregon Trail is one of the most popular computer games of all time and Travel Oregon’s version is a tribute, created under license from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to ensure that it harkens back to the original experience.


The game launches Oct. 26 and will be available through Dec. 16. With the classic game as inspiration, Travel Oregon creates its own trail through the seven travel regions of Oregon, making for a much easier and less treacherous trek than the historic route stretching about 2,000 miles from Independence, Missouri. Explorers can start in any part of the state and then continue along a connecting path that loops through Eastern Oregon, Southern Oregon, the Coast, Portland Region, Mt. Hood/Columbia River Gorge, the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon. The goal of “Travel Oregon: The Game” is to encourage travel in and around the state during winter months.

What YOU can do:

The following assets have been created to help you tell Oregon’s unique winter story and inspire visitors to plan their next adventure. Here’s how:

  • Share the videos across your marketing channels to encourage travel in and around Oregon this winter. 
  • Take advantage of banner ads and custom imagery featuring Oregon’s seven regions. Please reference Travel Oregon when posting.
  • Introduce Travel Oregon: The Game with this copy : “All trails lead to Oregon. Play now.”
  • “Travel Oregon: The Game” is optimized for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Internet explorer and Microsoft Edge users will notice a message referring to this.
  • Take a look at the media plan to see where you can leverage Travel Oregon and TEN’s media placements as you advance your own winter advertising plans
  • Take a look at the PR plan to see where you can leverage Travel Oregon’s conversations and PR placement

Need some tips? There’s more:

Access the Travel Oregon: The Game style guide for best practices

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