I. Why Consider Agritourism?

Agritourism isn’t for everyone, but there’s a growing market – and where there’s a fit for your farm, ranch or business, it provides many opportunities for creative products and services. This section provides background information on the market for agritourism, the pros and cons of expanding into agritourism, and a laundry list of possible activities to consider. When you’re done, you should have an initial sense of what form your agritourism enterprise might take.

Market Trends for Agritourism

What to Expect

Ideas to Stimulate Your Thinking

I. Why Consider Agritourism? In Oregon

  1. Food for Thought

    According to the Vermont Agritourism Collaborative’s “Assessing Your Farm for Agritourism” guide, the following factors contribute to the well-being of…

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