Culinary & Agritourism Studio

Taking a vineyard tour on the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway. Photo: Russ Roca

The markets for both agriculture and culinary tourism are growing, and while the two are not synonymous, they are closely related due to their focus on food! All travelers must eat, and each day provides opportunities to make your community more memorable to visitors through quality food-related experiences. Oregon communities can tap into the fact that our state is already recognized internationally for its culinary excellence.

By connecting farms to value-added processors and chefs, and connecting visitors to farms, communities can showcase their unique specialties to enrich visitor experiences, and enhance local quality of life. The Agritourism Studio workshop will help communities and businesses generate viable strategies to tap into these opportunities.

Communities must apply to be considered for a Tourism Studio program, please contact for inquires and a copy of the application.

Culinary & Agritourism Studio In Oregon

  1. Tillamook County Agritourism Studio

    Culinary and agricultural tourism have great potential for improving the economic viability of regions with agricultural roots. Whether it’s visiting…

  2. Northeastern Oregon Culinary & Agritourism Studio

    In May 2016 Travel Oregon, in partnership with Eastern Oregon Visitors Association and Northeast Oregon Economic Development District, hosted a…

  3. Oregon’s Rugged Country Agritourism Studio

    Have you considered adding a farm stand, farm tour, event venue or lodging to your farm, ranch or garden business?

  4. John Day River Territory

    In 2014, the Eastern Oregon Visitors Association secured a Travel Oregon matching to aid in the development of culinary and agritourism in the JDRT region.

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