McKenzie River Community Success Stories

In 2011, McKenzie River partook in Oregon’s Rural Tourism Studio program. The community has since been working together to stimulate their local economy through heritage and outdoor recreation-related tourism.

Visit McKenzie River’s Rural Tourism Studio page to see what workshops took place in their community to lead to the following results.

Outdoor Recreation Tourism

anthony-smith-OREGON-9827With the goals of encouraging more drive-through travelers to stop in the region, and reducing congestion on a highly used multi-use trail among tourists, a group of small, unincorporated communities worked together and built a strong partnership with the USDA Forest Service to revitalize an underutilized network of backcountry trails in the Willamette National Forest to be more accessible and attractive to mountain biking visitors.

Resources and Tools

Bicentennial Event

A volunteer-Mobile Museumdriven community event leads to resurgence of the local Chamber of Commerce, and serves as the springboard for building strong regional collaboration for tourism.

Resources and Tools


The video above, produced in collaboration with Write to Know Consulting and Maser Films, highlights the inspiring efforts of the McKenzie River; a region working together to stimulate their local economy through tourism. Please feel free to use this video in your communications and outreach. You may link directly to the video on YouTube here, or download it here

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