Oakridge Community Success Stories

In 2009-10, Oakridge participated in Oregon’s Rural Tourism Studio program. The community has since been working together to stimulate their local economy through bicycle tourism, a music festival, and through the creation of a community-led program called We Speak.

Visit Oakridge’s Rural Tourism Studio page to see what workshops took place in their community to lead to the following results.

Bicycle Tourism

Through perseverance and creative partnerships, a struggling timber town reinvents itself as the Mountain Biking Capital of the Northwest.

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Ukulele Fest photo from Ted ShorackMusic Festival

A private lodging facility organizes a quirky event, discovers an authentic community connection, and grows through creative partnerships. The festival, after entering in its third year, is profitable.

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We Speak Biking logo

We Speak

Oakridge tourism advocates are working to ensure that every person who comes in contact with a visitor can be an informed ambassador for all the community has to offer.

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The video above, produced in collaboration with Write to Know Consulting and Maser Films, highlights the inspiring efforts of Oakridge, Oregon; a community working together to stimulate their local economy through tourism. Please feel free to use this video in your communications and outreach. You may link directly to the video on YouTube here, or download it here

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