Oregon Tourism Studios

Visitors are looking for unique experiences in every region and local community. Building tourism in a manageable, sustainable way can stimulate the local economy, protect and enhance local resources and foster community pride—without compromising the qualities that make the place so special.

To help communities across the state increase their economic vibrancy by improving their appeal as visitor destinations, Travel Oregon offers the Oregon Tourism Studios. Through this program, our team helps communities cultivate regional visions; identify strategies to harness the power of tourism; and develop unique experiences in culinary and agritourism, outdoor recreation, bicycle tourism, cultural heritage tourism and more. Through this process, we help leaders build resilient regional networks and leadership skills to manage tourism development.

Our three types of tourism studios allow us to customize training programs for each community’s specific needs and interests. Travel Oregon will work with interested communities to determine which studio(s) will be best for them.

The Rural Tourism Studio

The Rural Tourism Studio provides rural communities with on-the-ground guidance, training and support for growing tourism in the local area based on the region’s unique offerings. With Travel Oregon’s guidance, participants create a big-picture strategy and then dive deep to create new tourism offerings in outdoor recreation, bicycle tourism, culinary and agritourism, and/or cultural heritage tourism. After establishing a local steering committee to guide the process, a broad cross section of community and business stakeholders participate in six to eight full-day workshops over the span of four months. A result of the program is an engaged steering committee and three to five action teams with a commitment to a long-term focus on tourism development.

The Destination Management Studio

The Destination Management Studio is designed to assist communities that already have strong tourism demand and may be vulnerable to the unintended negative impacts of high visitation. This studio builds a robust leadership team within the region to address visitation, marketing and management complexities in such a way as to protect natural resources and livability and promote job creation, local economic development and a great experience for visitors. After a four-month community-based planning process involving a series of workshops facilitated by Travel Oregon, community leaders commit to long-term sustainable tourism management by implementing strategies through action teams, guided by a local leadership team.

The Tourism Experience Studio

The Tourism Experience Studio is a streamlined one- to two-day workshop that helps communities strategize on how to develop and market specific, unique tourism products. Communities can choose to focus on culinary and agritourism, outdoor recreation or bicycling experiences. Custom modules can be developed on an as-needed basis.

The Communities Powered by Travel video series showcases participants in Oregon’s Rural Tourism Studio training program. In this series, Travel Oregon, in collaboration with Write to Know Consulting and Maser Films, checked in with communities and individuals who are working to stimulate their local economy through tourism. This inspiring video series highlights the process and their successes.

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