Oregon Tourism Studio Programs

The Oregon Tourism Studios are training programs designed to assist Oregon communities that have identified tourism development as one of their priority economic development strategies.

Travel Oregon offers three Tourism Studio options:

  1. Rural Tourism Studio
  2. Bicycle Tourism Studio
  3. Culinary & Agritourism Studio

Each Studio assists communities with the development of their tourism industry in a way that will help stimulate the local economy, protect and enhance local natural and cultural resources, and foster pride amongst participants.

As a result of the program, Travel Oregon hopes to see an increase in high-value, authentic experiences for travelers across the state that will contribute to community livability and help strengthen our state’s position as a premier tourism destination in North America.

Travel Oregon closed its latest application period for the Rural Tourism Studio and Bicycle Tourism Studio on Feb. 26, 2016. Applications for the Culinary & Agritourism Studio remain open.

Oregon Tourism Studio Programs In Oregon

  1. Culinary & Agritourism Studio Program Information & Application

    In Oregon, travelers can pick apples in a sixth generation family orchard, meet the goats that produced the milk in…

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  1. Elena Vizzini
  2. Kristin Dahl