Oregon Agritourism Network

Travel Oregon launched the Oregon Agritourism Network in 2015 to cultivate Oregon’s agritourism potential and advance Oregon’s agriculture, food and beverage industries. Farmers, ranchers, chefs, food processors, guides, planners, regulators and community leaders have all been encouraged to be a part of the network’s role in realizing the potential for agritourism in Oregon.

In preparation for the launch, Travel Oregon convened the Agritourism Working Group to identify the six priority focus areas listed below and develop a 2025 vision for agritourism in Oregon.

  • POLICY ADVANCEMENT: The regulatory framework for agritourism (state and local) is clear and improved, so that agritourism businesses compatible with the intent of land use law and public health regulations are able to operate efficiently.
  • STATEWIDE NETWORK DEVELOPMENT: Agritourism businesses are well-networked with each other to produce, promote, learn and pursue supporting policies.
  • MARKETING & PROMOTION: Oregon has implemented a strategic agritourism marketing plan that is appropriately connected with culinary tourism marketing.
  • QUALITY OF PRODUCT: Based on a clear definition of agritourism (including crossover with culinary tourism), locals and visitors can discover agritourism products and services that have been vetted for authenticity and quality.
  • EDUCATION: Young people have a close and knowledgeable connection with the state’s agricultural sector as a part of Oregon’s history, culture, health and economic vitality.
  • ECONOMIC IMPACT: Agritourism tangibly contributes to vitality of Oregon agriculture and communities.

Key outcomes of the Oregon Agritourism Network include:

  • Convening more than 280 participants through Oregon Agritourism Network meetings across the state
  • Completing an assessment of agritourism-related regulations in all of Oregon’s 36 counties and compiling the results into a webinar on how to navigate land use policy in Oregon
  • Developing and producing the Oregon Agritourism Handbook and Marketing Toolkit which addresses standards, marketing, best practices and resources to offer quality visitor experiences
  • Building and strengthening connectivity with key agencies and organizations including the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, County Planning Departments, Oregon State University, Economic Development Entities, Destination Marketing & Management Organizations, Regional Destination Marketing & Management Organizations

Past Oregon Agritourism Network Meeting Notes & Presentations

February 22, 2019

October 2, 2018 

July 10, 2018 

February 18, 2017 

November 3, 2016 

November 11, 2015

February 12, 2015

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