We Like it Here Campaign

Travel Oregon has welcomed spring by introducing its latest Oregon spokesperson, the Travel Oregon Salmon. Born and bred a chinook salmon – Oregon’s state fish – the Travel Oregon Salmon will bring a unique perspective to the “We Like it Here. You Might Too” campaign in a quirky, only-in-Oregon way. Travel Oregon invites viewers to follow the salmon’s journey around Oregon through 360-degree videos and online content.

The 360-video Experience

The Travel Oregon Salmon will appear in five 360-videos representing a variety of activities throughout the state. For more information, visit TravelOregon.com/Salmon360.

What YOU can do:

Share the 360 videos across your marketing channels to promote and share the unique destinations and experiences that Oregon offers.

Introduce the Travel Oregon Salmon with this copy:

“Oregon now comes with its very own robot salmon tour guide, and he wants to show you around.”

Be sure to link to : traveloregon.com/salmon360

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Video Launch Dates

Dune Riding – April 26

Fly Fishing – May 3

Wine Tasting –  May 10

Bike Riding – May 17

Stargazing – May 24

Social Media & Content

Travel Oregon will be sharing articles on our social channels that support and provide more context to the activities in the 360 videos. Share these (as well as your own supporting content) to your followers and give travelers more opportunities to dive deeper into the activities they’ll be introduced to through our salmon.

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Campaign Architecture

We are currently in phase 2 of our Spring campaign


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Additional ways YOU can leverage the campaign:


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