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  1. Travel Oregon’s “Only Slightly Exaggerated” Campaign Takes Adventurers on a Brand-New Animated Journey Through Oregon

    PORTLAND, Ore. – April 5, 2019 – Inspired by the viral success of the Only Slightly Exaggerated campaign last spring,…

  2. “Where in the world do Oregon tourists come from? Here are the top 12 places”

    New data shows nearly 30 million overnight visitors came to Oregon in 2017 making it the eighth consecutive year Oregon…

  3. “Travel Oregon looks to lure visitors with lushly animated ‘Only Slightly Exaggerated’ campaign”

    Marketing Dive shared Travel Oregon’s ‘Only Slightly Exaggerated’ campaign, noting tourism ad statistics. See the article here.


    Travel Oregon’s new spring campaign made it in AdAge’s top five most creative brand ideas of the week. See the…

  5. “Travel Oregon ‘slightly’ exaggerates its tourist destinations in spring campaign” picked up the new campaign, sharing: “Most travel destinations like to show you pictures of grand vistas or majestic…

  6. “Oregon Wants You to Believe the State Is a Studio Ghibli Film” shared Travel Oregon’s new spring campaign with the perfect video description:  “Mushroom people hit the beaches, giant bunnies gallop through…

  7. “A trippy and magical animation may inspire you to visit Oregon”

    Lonely Planet features Travel Oregon’s spring campaign’s “trippy animation,” here.

  8. “Oregon Comes Alive in New Tourism Campaign”

    Travel Pulse highlights Travel Oregon’s spring campaign as a “shift away from the grand, scenic imagery commonly used in tourism…

  9. “W+K’s Delightful Animated Film Captures the Magic of Oregon in Spring” highlighted Travel Oregon’s spring campaign, “Only Slightly Exaggerated.” Read the full story.

  10. “Oregon’s Dazzling New Tourism Ad Would Make Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli Proud”

    Indie Wire shared Travel Oregon’s spring campaign video. Read their take on the campaign and watch the video (again).

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