Destination Development

The Destination Development team is focused on working with Oregon communities and Oregon businesses to help them realize their tourism potential and better participate in Oregon’s tourism economy. These efforts take form and are delivered through the Rural Tourism Studio program, Product Development program (cycling, culinary, agritourism, outdoor recreation) and Sustainable Tourism program (Travel Oregon Forever).

  1. Kristin Dahl

    • Oversees development and delivery of Rural Tourism Studio
    • Oversees development and delivery of sustainable tourism efforts including Travel Oregon Forever
    • Oversees Product Niche Development efforts

    Favorite Oregon Activity: Backcountry skiing and hiking in the Wallowas

  2. Jordan McCauley

    • Provides support service for Vice President, Destination Development
    • Point person for information on Destination Development programs
    • Supports completion of duties identified in the department’s strategic plan

    Favorite Oregon Activity: Discovering Oregon’s best slopes to ski and swimming holes to jump in

  3. Scott Bricker

    • Spearheads Oregon’s bicycle tourism development initiative including the Bicycle Tourism Studio
    • Spearheads active transportation projects
    • Supports the development of an outdoor recreation strategy
    • Supports sustainable development initiatives including Travel Oregon Forever and the Rural Tourism Studio

    Favorite Oregon Activity: Mountain Biking in Central Oregon, pub crawling by bike in Portland and walking the beaches on the coast.

  4. Hilary Sager

    • Provides program coordination and overall support to Product Development Studio, which includes topics of outdoor recreation and bicycle tourism, culinary and agricultural tourism, and visitor transportation
    • Assists with content development for the Oregon Tourism Studio product development workshops and other destination trainings
    • Coordinates and manages the daily operations of the Bike Friendly Business program and other projects related to program outreach and execution

    Favorite Oregon Activity: Backpacking and alpine lake swimming in the Wallowas.

  5. Stephen Hatfield

    • Responsible for oversight and management of the Oregon Outdoor Recreation Network and related initiatives.
    • Main point of contact for outdoor recreation business development and training
    • Supports outdoor recreation product development, including bicycle tourism
    • Supports community-based tourism studios tied to outdoor recreation

    Favorite Oregon Activity: Trail running solo, backcountry skiing with friends, backpacking with my family.

  6. Andrew Grossmann

    • Supports the implementation of sustainable travel and bicycle tourism development initiatives, including running the business recognition programs
    • Serves as the Destination Development lead for team communications
    • Serves as the Destination Development team liaison to Global Marketing for all projects that flow through the Global Marketing studios

    Favorite Oregon Activity: Soaking in primitive hot springs

  7. Alexa Carey

    • Coordinates and delivers culinary and agritourism development programs
    • Convenes and facilitates community-led action teams
    • Collaborates with internal and external teams on rural business initiatives

    Favorite Oregon Activity: Seeking Oregon’s best hidden culinary experiences from farms, ranches, and historic downtowns in rural Oregon

  8. Kayla Dunn

    •Coordinates production of the Oregon Tourism Studio programs, including trainings on outdoor recreation, bicycle tourism and agritourism.
    •Provides general project management support on key community-based service initiatives.
    •Serves as a point of contact and liaison for the industry on community-based planning and capacity resources.

    Favorite Oregon Activity: Frolicking on remote forest trails and kayaking through wetland vegetation