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From world-class Pinot Noir, legendary chefs and epic outdoor adventure to our rugged coastline, high desert and painted hills, Oregon is the perfect spot for a destination, culinary or adventure piece. We are a resource for journalists and bloggers seeking story ideas, fact checking, compelling images or b-roll. Thanks for stopping by. Let us know how we can help.

About the video: You’ve seen the whimsical animations Oregon, Only Slightly Exaggerated — scenes of enchanting forests, vineyards, rivers, mountains and more. Those visuals should give you a good idea of the magical feeling of being in Oregon. Now the captivating artwork is coming to the real world, proudly hand-painted on walls in Oregon where the illustrations represent the destinations. Let the Oregon Mural Trail inspire you to get outside and experience the wonders of each community. Take photos of the murals — perhaps in one of the designated selfie spots — and use the hashtag #OregonIsMagic in social posts to share the love. And while you’re there, visit the landmarks and businesses that make these towns just so magical. Discover more about the Oregon Mural Trail, here

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