Oregon Gravel Riding Working Group

In 2013, the Oregon Bicycle Tourism Partnership identified five priority projects to focus on over the next 5-10 years. One of the five priorities included initiating a Statewide Gravel Riding Working Group to develop a great collection of gravel routes in Oregon. In early 2014, Travel Oregon convened the first Work Group to help shape and steer the development of gravel routes in Oregon. The Group is continuing to meet.

The Group is comprised of stakeholders with representation from:
  • Oregon State Parks and Recreation
  • US Forest Service
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Bicycle manufacturers
  • Trail advocacy groups
  • Non-for-profit organizations
  • Event promoters
  • Press
  • Bike packers
  • Avid gravel adventurers

Some of the key takeaways and goals the Group has established in developing and promoting the Oregon Gravel Collection include:

  • Clearly educating users about gravel size and appropriate tire choice for said gravel size. Classifying gravel road riding as road bikes with fat tires (28c) to cross bikes (34c). Anything that shreds the sidewalls of a 34c tire should be considered a xc mountain bike ride.
  • Routes should be designed for the person visiting town and should include loops from city centers or other destinations like camp grounds, lodges, etc.
  • Gravel rides do not need to be all gravel. Even chip and seal are just as enjoyable for the ride. The concept of %51+ gravel is a good guideline.
  • Establishing Oregon Gravel Minimum Standards to help define each routes’ rider-ability level.
  • Highlighting Oregon’s best gravel routes on RideOregonRide.com.

Oregon Gravel Riding Working Group Meeting Notes: 

Oregon Gravel Riding Working Group in the Media: