Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to sign the Travel Oregon Forever Charter?

Signing the Travel Oregon Forever Charter is free!

What does my business or organization need to do to sign into the Travel Oregon Forever Charter?

In order to be recognized your business or organization must:

A. Currently be 2nd or 3rd party certified by one the Travel Oregon approved sustainable certification organizations found on this list hereor

B. Complete the comprehensive survey that thoroughly documents your sustainability practices (takes approximately 30-minutes). If you’d like, you can preview the comprehensive survey questions in advance here.

At the end of the Sustainable Business Challenge, you will be prompted to submit digital documentation showcasing your current sustainability certification (if certified) and several examples of your sustainability practices.

If you believe your business or organization fulfills these requirements, please head on over and begin the Sustainable Business Challenge!

What sort of marketing benefits can be expected from completion of the Sustainable Business Challenge?

  • Your business, organization or destination will receive special recognition as a member of Travel Oregon’s Sustainable Travel Network – Travel Oregon Forever.
  • Your business, organization or destination will be acknowledged as a member of Travel Oregon forever through Travel Oregon’s consumer and industry communication channels. These include the Official Travel Oregon Visitor Guide (which has an annual print distribution of 300,000), (which receives two million visitors annually) as well as here on the Industry website.
  • Your business, organization or destination’s listing on Travel Oregon will also be elevated and denoted with Travel Oregon Forever Fern logo, see an example here.