Golf and Golf Tourism Economic Impacts, 2019

New Report Highlights Total Economic Impact of $1.6 Billion, Making Golf a Standout Industry for the State

(PORTLAND, Ore.) March 16, 2021 – The Golf Alliance of Oregon (GAO), in collaboration with the National Golf Foundation (NGF), has announced that in 2019 golf’s direct economic impact in Oregon was $1.6 billion. The industry supports 16,500 jobs for Oregon residents with $508.1 million in wage income and more than $69.0 million in state and local taxes. The release of the report’s findings comes at a time when golf has recorded an 8% increase in total participation in 2020 thanks to the sport offering a welcome, safe, and socially distant reprieve of outdoor activity during COVID.

The report finds that the game of golf drives significant economic activity across the State of Oregon through golf facility operations, golf related supplies, capital investments, charitable events, tournaments and Associations, golf tourism, golf-related retail spending and new home construction in golf communities. The size of Oregon’s direct golf economy in 2019 compares favorably with other key state industries such as fishing ($698 million) and wine ($5.6 billion). However, beyond the economic metrics, the report also details how golf is a boon of health and wellness for its 242,500 participants, the environment thanks to the benefits of its 20,000 acres of green space and surrounding ecosystems, and youth development.