Welcome Center Visitor Count Dashboard

Our Welcome Center Visitor Count dashboard provides information on the visitors to our Welcome Centers. Our dashboard tracks valuable metrics, allowing you to stay informed about the number of people visiting each Welcome Center, their origins and their destinations.

Key Features of Our Visitor Dashboard (updated monthly):

  • Visitor Count: Get up-to-date information on the number of visitors at each Welcome Center. Track the daily, weekly and monthly visitation to understand visitor trends.
  • Origin and Destination Analysis: Dive deeper into visitor demographics by exploring their origin and destination points. Our dashboard highlights the regions and cities from which visitors are arriving and provides insights into their preferred destinations within Oregon at a regional level.
  • Interactive Mapping: Visualize visitor origins and destinations through an interactive map interface.

For guidance on how to use the dashboard, access the presentation as well as to the instructions in the footnotes of the dashboard. Please note that this dashboard is still undergoing development and enhancements.