Advertising Opportunities

Travel Oregon’s advertising is a hook to lure adventurous, curious travelers within our target market to learn more and plan their next Oregon trip through our different marketing channels (, visitor guides, e-newsletters, social media, etc.).

We primarily tie our advertising communications to our focused two pillar strategy, which:

  • Provides a culinary focus during the Fall Bounty campaign and positions Oregon as a premier foodie destination
  • Features Oregon’s outdoor recreation stories during the Spring We Like it Here campaign to tell the story of our state’s world class outdoor adventure product

We then weave other priority messages like Arts & Culture, Sustainability, and Scenic Byways to these pillars.  All of Oregon’s other events, activities, and travel product continue to be promoted through our other channels (, visitor guides, e-newsletters, social media, PR, etc.).

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If you have additional questions or comments about Advertising Opportunities, please contact the appropriate member of the Travel Oregon staff listed below.

  1. Michael Sturdevant
  2. Ariana Bray-Sweet