Commission Governance

The OTC is governed by the following statutes:

The role of an Oregon Tourism Commission member is to elevate their unique perspective garnered from experiences working in and with the travel and tourism industry to a statewide, industry-wide level of thought and deliberation as they guide Travel Oregon staff in creating programs of work to support industry partners across the state.

Commission members are engaged in commission meetings, familiar with the agency’s strategic plan and communications (updates and quarterly reports) and ask questions to be informed tourism advocates. They engage in local, regional, statewide or national tourism industry opportunities where expertise is valued as a member of the OTC.

Oregon Tourism Commission Authorities

The commission has authorities identified in ORS 284.122 and as permitted by statute, has delegated all but the following authorities to the CEO of Travel Oregon: (ORS 284.142(5))

  • Approval of the strategic plan
  • Approval of the biennial budget
  • Appoint and set the compensation of the CEO

Strategic Plan

The Travel Oregon staff is charged with developing and implementing a strategic plan which includes advertising and marketing, publication development, cooperative promotions, consumer fulfillment, public relations, international marketing, tourism product development, State Welcome Centers, research, and industry relations. Travel Oregon engages extensively with local communities, industry associations, government agencies, and private businesses in the development and implementation of its strategic plan.

Biennial Budget

As defined and outlined in ORS 284.111(3) the Oregon Tourism Commission is required to submit a biennial budget to the governor, Oregon Business Development Department and tourism industry associations. Upon recommendation from Travel Oregon staff, the Oregon Tourism Commission may adopt, amend and approve the Travel Oregon biennial budget. This may only be done after proper public notice and a public hearing on the proposed budget.

Appointment & Compensation of CEO

Travel Oregon’s CEO is appointed by the Oregon Tourism Commission, with approval of the Governor, and serves at the will of the commission (ORS 284.142).

The commission, at the direction of the chair, conducts an annual review of Travel Oregon’s CEO performance and sets or adjusts annual compensation. This review process may include seeking input from:

  • Statewide stakeholders
  • Tourism professionals
  • Other agencies
  • Travel Oregon staff
  • Direct input from commissioners