Agritourism Working Group

In order to develop Oregon’s culinary and agritourism potential, in 2014 Travel Oregon convened a statewide Working Group to inform its development, sales and marketing strategies.

The Working Group consisted of agritourism business and entrepreneurs and the following types of organizations:

  • Small farms and ranches such as Gathering Together Farms and Wilson Ranches
  • Non-profit organizations such as the Portland Farmers Market and Ecotrust
  • Associations such as the Oregon Brewers Guild and World Food Travel Association
  • Regional economic development organizations such as the Northeast Oregon Economic Development Organization
  • County governments such as Yamhill County
  • State agencies such as the Oregon Department of Agriculture

Related Research

Research that Travel Oregon has commissioned or found useful to better understand the culinary and agritourism niche market can be found here.

Additional, key reports to inform the Working Group’s efforts include:

Working Group Meeting #1 | March 20, 2014

Working Group Meeting #2 | May 15, 2014

Working Group Meeting #3 | June 5, 2014

Working Group Conference Call | June 23, 2014

Oregon Agritourism Strategies and Goals

Collective Impact Model

Travel Oregon is exploring Collective Impact as a model for guiding its development work in collaboration with broad stakeholder collectives.  If you are interested in learning more about this model, here are a couple of articles that may interest you:

Agritourism Working Group Contact

All inquiries should be directed to the Travel Oregon contractor: Kathi Jaworski with Write to Know Consulting by email or phone: 541-953-4755.