2021-2023 KPIs: Resident Sentiment, Visitor Sentiment, Economic Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic had an unprecedented impact on the tourism industry in Oregon. In response, Travel Oregon implemented a strategic plan known as the Rebuild Plan. As part of the recovery process, several key indicators were utilized to assess the progress in travel revival. These indicators included Resident Sentiment, Visitor Sentiment, and Economic Recovery. The provided dashboard and accompanying report present the findings from the following assessments:

Economic Recovery (2021): This section focuses on evaluating the economic rebound of the tourism sector in Oregon. It examines various aspects such as earnings, employment, and visitor spending, providing insights into the overall recovery progress.

Resident Sentiment Survey (December 2021): The Resident Sentiment survey gauges the perceptions and attitudes of Oregon residents towards tourism and its impact on their communities. It provides valuable feedback on the level of support, concerns, and expectations of the local population.

Visitor Sentiment (December 2021): The Visitor Sentiment assessment captures the feedback and experiences of tourists visiting Oregon during the recovery phase. It examines visitor satisfaction, likelihood to revisit, and willingness to recommend the destination (Net Promoter Score).

These reports and the dashboard serve as essential tools in evaluating the progress of the Oregon tourism industry’s recovery efforts. They provide valuable insights into the economic and social aspects of the recovery process, helping stakeholders make informed decisions and shape future strategies for a successful rebound.