North Coast Visitor Profile Study: 2018

In August, 2018, the University of Oregon’s Institute for Policy Research & Engagement (IPRE) worked with Travel Oregon to conduct a visitor intercept survey on Oregon’s North Coast (defined as Astoria to Pacific City). The survey asked North Coast visitors to provide details of their trip and travel habits, including information about travel patterns, trip activities and spending, and satisfaction with their experience. This report provides a summary of key findings from the survey research, focusing on the strengths and constraints of the North Coast as identified by survey respondents. We highlight visitor draws and popular activities, barriers to visitation and trip enjoyment, and areas to focus on for improving the visitor experience.

IPRE conducted intercept surveys at eight locations, designated by Travel Oregon, on four separate trips, including two trips covering two weekdays each and two weekend trips covering Saturdays and Sundays. This division of survey locations and times allowed the team to capture a more balanced picture of visitation at both undeveloped and developed locations.

All data was collected between August 18 and August 31. In total, the IPRE team gathered 749 complete partial intercept survey responses.