VLM Wins ESTO’s Digital Campaign of the Year

August 25, 2022

We are excited to announce that Travel Oregon’s Visitor Lifecycle Management (VLM) project won a Mercury Award for best digital campaign at ESTO, beating out other finalists Tourism Ohio and the Colorado Tourism Office. After a five-year roll out of our Visitor Lifecycle Management (VLM) program, Travel Oregon launched our cornerstone Email Nurture Stream program in January of this past year. The Visitor Lifecycle Management program was developed to build a deeper, more meaningful relationship with potential visitors to Oregon. The goal of this program is to guide travelers through each step of the travel decision-making process by providing them personalized content and recommendations. To accomplish this, we used marketing automation software to construct an email nurture stream, which is a series of trigger emails based on a subscriber’s location within the travel decision making process.

Read the award submission here.