Increasing Farm Viability Through Agritourism and On-Farm Direct Sales: An Oregon Producer Survey

This work is supported by Critical Agriculture Research and Extension (CARE) grant no. VTN32556 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. We are grateful to the many farmers who took time to complete the survey.

As part of a USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculturefunded grant, a multi-state research and Extension team conducted a national survey of farms that are open to visitors for product sales or experiences. The goal of the survey was to better understand the types of experiences and products offered, the economic viability of agritourism enterprises, and ways to support a healthy future for producers and their communities. The online survey took place between November 2019 and February 2020 and began with a question to ensure responses only from working farms. In Oregon, the national survey was customized for Oregon farmers, ranchers and vineyard operators. The Oregon survey questionnaire is included in the appendices along with the methodology used to administer the surveys.

This report:

  1. Defines agritourism with direct sales and differentiates its components.
  2. Profiles the types of farmers who choose to differentiate their products through agritourism and direct sales and who responded to the Oregon survey, including detailing the types of products and services they provide. It also describes reasons for farms to engage in agritourism, including direct marketing, beyond increasing profitability.
  3. Profiles the types of consumers who purchase agritourism services or experiences and products on-farm.
  4. Summarizes how effective the different types of agritourism and direct sales are in increasing farm profitability.
  5. Discusses the implications for farmers who are considering developing or expanding agritourism and direct sales on their farms and ranches.